Introduction to Der Fluyten Lust-Hof

Jr. Jacob van Eyck

Note: Music is printed in large size suitable for very young people!

JACOB VAN EYCK was born in Holland in about 1590. He was a carillon player (a carillon is a set of bells played by a keyboard), organist, recorder player, teacher and composer.

We know from a letter he wrote to the municipality of Utrecht that he was blind.

In 1625 he was appointed as a carillonist in the steeple of Utrecht Cathedral and he looked after carillons and bells in that city. He also played the chimes in the steeple of St. Johnschurch.

The Lust-hof was a garden by the churchyard of St. Johnschurch where people would walk, and Jacob van Eyck helped create a pleasant atmosphere by playing his recorder there.

He died on March 26th, 1657.

DER FLUYTEN LUST-HOF is a collection of 144 pieces for solo descant recorder. Nearly all are tunes that were popular in Holland at the time, with each tune followed by variations which become progressively more elaborate and challenging to the player. This is a collection of twelve of the easiest tunes.